American Home Products (AHP) Has Billions Set Aside to Compensate Victims

This web site is sponsored by lawyers who have recovered millions of dollars for people who developed PPH from using diet drugs. There is some very good information provided online to PPH patients, but much of that information omits a very important option: legal action. This web site is designed to fill that gap.

Many people who would never consider a hiring a lawyer may be unaware of the situation. They or a family member has been diagnosed with a very rare disease, a one in a million chance according to some studies, that is often fatal. The disease will require extensive and costly treatment, usually several hundred thousand dollars. This disease may not be an accident of nature, genetics or a random condition. It may be the result of a negligent company that sold a dangerous drug to you or a loved one.

A diet pill called Fen Phen was marketed in the US from April 1996 until September 1997 by one of the world's largest drug makers, American Home Products. The company spent millions of dollars to promote the drug as a safe and effective way to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the company knew that there were serious risks. A similar weight loss pill had been marketed in Europe between 1967 and 1973 and caused about 2% of its users to get PPH. The company also went out of its way to minimize these risks in order to get the drug approved by the FDA. In documents uncovered by lawyers, the company exhibited a striking disregard for the safety of the nearly 6 million people prescribed phen fen.

Fen Phen was a bad drug that also caused heart valve damage, unrelated to PPH, in thousands of people. In numerous lawsuits, and a large class action settlement the company has paid billions of dollars to compensate people injured by taking its products.

Most people with heart valve damage are affected in one way or another by the terms of the class action, with certain deadlines having run out in January 2003.

However, people with PPH are not subject to these deadlines and may still bring claims for compensation.

Doctors believe many people currently being diagnosed with PPH are victims of diet drugs they took years ago.

Lawyers associated with this web site are among the top medical-legal experts in the world on the issue of PPH related to diet drugs. They are assisted by a team of experts and pulmonologists who have demonstrated the link between these drugs and PPH disease. They have shown how the company acted in a dangerous and irresponsible manner in courts around the country. These lawyers have made these negligent companies pay families millions of dollars as compensation.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with PPH that may have been caused by taking diet drugs,
you owe it to yourself, your family and the thousands of others victimized to take action.

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